Shameless Woman Poops On Restaurant Chair, Blames Staff And This Happened.

A diner who pooed in a restaurant felt she had the rights to do so. She then left the eatery without any embarrassments from the staff. The hateful woman wasn’t arrested or asked to clean up the sh**, yet she went to the shop’s online website and left a scornful review. Then the worst happened.

The company’s brilliant response to her negative online review would make even the red-faced woman see humor in anger.

Her problem with the restaurant Nick’s Riverside Grill, started after the unnamed woman visited during happy hour. She asked for a drink which was served but later billed for two.

Surprised and angry, the woman turned to Yelp to rant about the “worst service” she has ever received from the waterfront restaurant.

She complained the manager had failed to return a call addressing her complaint, writing: “As u can figure, no call at all. If you swipe my card wrongly for someone else, I’m not the one paying for it.”

As Karma would have it, the staff took a bold step in their reply when Nick’s confirmed the charges she received was not a mistake. According to the eatery staff, this unnamed woman was rightly overcharged because she had defecated on her seat.

Nick’s Riverside Grill wrote: “The fact of the matter is you lost control of your bowels in the middle of the restaurant and you proceeded to sit in it for the remainder of the evening, making more of a mess.

“We had to reroute our other patrons so they didn’t walk in your mess, causing quite a scene.”

Funny as it could get, the shameless woman even left her worn-out underwear in the thrash can for staff to dispose.

“You then proceeded to throw your underwear away in our trash can and our poor manager working that night was left to clean up,” the reply continued.

In a hilarious sign off, the staff vowed to pay her back the entirely of her bill providing she stuck to one rule.

They said: “We would be happy to refund your entire bill with the understanding you will never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained.

“Out of compassion and being decent human beings we did not charge you a waste removal fee.”