Several Ukrainian ministers have been removed from their posts – here’s why

As we have been reporting, the Ukrainian parliament has voted to remove deputy defence minister Hanna Maliar from her post. 

Six other ministers were also dismissed – just two weeks after the former defence minister Oleksii Reznikov was replaced by Rustem Umerov.

But why have there been so many changes? 

Former British intelligence officer Philip Ingram said: 

“Whilst no official reason beyond the need for a fresh approach across Ukraine’s defence ministry was given for Reznikov’s replacement, there were rumours of it being linked to a wider approach to clear corrupt practices across the Ukrainian government.  

“The removal of Maliar and the other ministers is nothing unusual. 

“According to Oleh Nemchinov, the Ukrainian Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine’s Law on executive bodies, requires subordinate ministers to be removed when a minister is dismissed. 

“According to the Ukrainian media, all the ministers resigned voluntarily, and their ‘dismissal’ was just the necessary ratification by the Ukrainian Cabinet. 

“It is understood the new defence minister Umerov is not going to offer any of the old ministers a job and wants a completely new team.”