Saudi Young Man Beats Mother Like A Kid, And The World Is Crying Over His Behavior.

Image shows the young man disgracefully beating his mother.

A young man’s assault on his mother somewhere in the Eastern Province of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia has sparked wide criticisms all over the world, with many expressing disgust over the wicked and irresponsible behavior.

The mother who is said to 50 years old, sustained head injuries during the physical assault.

Though Arab News confirms the woman is currently in a stable condition after receiving medical attention from doctors, internet users have continuously expressed dissent over such inhumane act.

Twitterati started a hashtag in Arabic “a citizen beats his mother” and expressed their views on the issue condemning the disgraceful act of the youth in his twenties.

Khalid Al-Ghamidi, said: “O’ Allah, do not hold us responsible for what some fools from among us are doing. Catch him and punish him so that he becomes a lesson for others.”

Mohammad, another Twitter user, said: “He raised his hand against his mother. I wish my mother comes back to life so that I touch her feet. By God, I would never let her go away from me, I am ready to live under her feet.”

Nada exclaimed: “He behaved like this. Allah would never let you go and would punish you.”

Mona said: “If he would have known the pain she had undergone during pregnancy and while giving birth, would he beat her up? She cleaned him, kept awake for for him; she took all the trouble to give him comfort and happiness.”

Yasir Al-Thabiti called the assault madness. “The place of a mother and her sanctity are above any justifications for any such act.”

Marwah slammed the young man, saying: “I give you good news. You have lost both this world and the life hereafter.”

Capt. Mohammad Al-Duraihim of Eastern Province police said: “Dhahran police learned about the attack on Friday morning and swung into action.”

He confirmed that the attacked Saudi woman was moved to a hospital for treatment, adding that she’s responding well to treatments.

Capt. Mohammad said the case is being probed by the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution, according to the report.

Image shows a location in Dhahran.