Ronaldo: There won’t be another me

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a football legend with an aura of controversy trailing his thoughts, words and actions, yet he’s never faced by people’s negative assessment of his private life.

He responds in the media whenever he feels the urge, shove other footballers on the pitch, attack reporters when bugged with stupid questions, score amazing goals to hit back at critics, break records, and set the bars even higher. What’s more? He admits he’s a f**king rich faggot.

No player in the history of football has been as audacious, proud and outspoken as the Portugal international footballer.

Speaking at a recent football event, Ronaldo, 33, said he’s aware that there are many up-and-coming talents in the football world, with more of them possessing talents and potentials to become superstars. However, he expressed optimism that none of them will ever be like him.

The Real Madrid forward explained his opinions in a recent advert for Nike. There, he said his achievements and style are unique and something no other individual can copy.

‘It has been a life-long dream for me to be the best footballer in the world…I had this motivation from the start and it has been there – always,’ the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner revealed.

‘My friends mused about my ambitions and asked if I was insane…”What are you talking about?” they asked?’

‘Though I loved playing for fun during my time at Manchester United, I told myself that the potential is innate so I built it up,’ he added.

‘There are good footballer around, but I don’t see many people with my talent, my dedication, my work ethic,’ Ronaldo bragged. ‘I see none comparable to me…Nobody is going to be Cristiano Ronaldo.


Image: Cristiano Ronaldo

In his last remark as the launch of his new boots, where he spoke about legacies, CR7 stated categorically: ‘You’re going to be yourself and I’m going to be myself.’

United paid a whooping £12 million to secure his services as a 16-year-old in 2003. It was a record fee for a player of his age.

Among his numerous football achievements, Ronaldo is the first player in history to win four European Golden Shoes.

In 2005, while the famous No. 7 was still playing for United, his father died from alcohol-related kidney problems. They were really close friends.