Ronaldo Says Portugal Will Win Euro 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo says he’s confident that Portugal will win Euro 2016 finals against France. Anyone who knows him really well, will never stop appreciating the way he talks or carries himself on and off the pitch because he has passion for what he does–not pride. His worst critics know this, too.

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 is the kind of player every team or coach would like to have for the positivism he brings.

Cristiano Ronaldo is so successful because he is really serious, really professional,” his former Real manager Carlo Ancelotti told CNN.
The famous coach went a bit far in revealing one ritual his Ronaldo observes no matter who’s waiting in his bed. That was before he split from his former model-girlfriend, Irina Shayk.
Carlo said: “Usually when we got back at 3 a.m. from away games, instead of going to bed he would take an ice bath.”
Some people choose to love the Portuguese star for same reasons that others dislike him. While many see the player as arrogant, his teammates think otherwise. They’ve described him on many occasions as an athlete who is dedicated to his profession.
“He’s one of those players who polarizes opinion,” Owen Hargreaves, who played alongside Ronaldo at Manchester United, told CNN.
“Everybody loved him as a teammate and I think people misunderstood his body language because he was the ultimate competitor.
“People underestimate his work ethic and determination. As much as everyone thinks it’s all about him, he got there because he pushed himself.”
Hargreaves and Ronaldo played together at Manchester United.
Hargreaves and Ronaldo while they played together at Manchester United.

Call it pride or passion–even both will do–the Real Madrid star has vowed that Portugal will beat France on Sunday to become European champions for the first time ever.

Ronaldo and his countrymen are just a few steps away from making history. A win against France in tonight’s derby will be a landmark in Portugal’s football history.

CR7 is only one goal and victory away from becoming the top scorer in European Championship history and captaining Portugal to glory at Euro 2016.

Winning this years European Championships final match at at Stade de France would mark the Seleccao’s first-ever major trophy which makes it a do-or-die affair for the team.

The famous No. 7 spoke with UEFA’s official website: “They are, in my opinion, favorites because they are playing at home and that’s a big advantage.

“The whole country is going to support them, but it’s a final and anything can happen. We’re going to be prepared and we’re going to be difficult to beat.

“Since the tournament started, nobody has beaten us, and I hope France aren’t going to beat us either.

“It’s something that I always dreamed of. It would be a huge achievement if I could win something with Portugal.

“My fingers are crossed because I believe, my colleagues believe, all of Portugal believes and the Portuguese community in France believe too.

“It’s unique, a feeling of joy, because being in a final is something I wanted to achieve again.

“Now I will have the fortune, if everything goes well, to be playing on Sunday in a second final for Portugal.

“In a final anything can happen. We know we will face a great opponent, a great national team, but it’s a final and anything is possible. It’s going to be a tough game for both of us.”

“[On being a goal away from becoming the Euros’ all-time top goalscorer], these things happen naturally,” he explained.

“I try not to be too obsessed with records. They happen. So it’s nice but nothing more. I feel good, young, strong. So what I want most is to keep on being successful.

“We have to believe positively. On Sunday it will be the first time that Portugal are going to win an important trophy.”

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