Ronaldo reveals Man Utd’s weakness, says fans are everything

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy with his current position at Old Trafford, and his relationship with coach Erik ten Hag seems to have to have created the rift.

Looking back at his career achievements with Manchester United now and then, including his world-class reputation as one of the greatest footballers that ever lived, Ronaldo sees no future with Erik ten Hag at the helm of affairs. So, the Portugal international footballer granted an explosive interview without fear or favour, a kind of boldness you can expect only from someone known as Cristiano Ronaldo

“I think the fans should know the truth, I want the best for the club. This is why I come to Manchester United.”

“But you have some things inside that don’t help (us) reach the top level as Manchester City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal; a club with this dimension should be top of the tree in my opinion and they are nowhere near that, unfortunately.”

“Here the progress has been ZERO since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club.”

“I followed my heart, he (Sir Alex Ferguson) said to me, ‘It’s impossible for you to come to Manchester City’ and I said, ‘OK, Boss’.”

“I love Manchester United, I love the fans, they are always on my side. However, if they want to do it different, they have to change many, many things.”

“Sir Alex knows it better than anybody that the club is nowhere near the path they deserve to be. He knows. Everyone knows….My family is everything to me. Even more so after what we have been through this year…Fans are the most important things in football. You play for them.. They are always on my side. I feel that every time when I go out, when I walk in the streets, the fans come up to me and they appreciate what I do for the game.”

“The fans for me are everything. This is why I give this interview, because I think it’s the right time to speak my mind.”