Ronaldo Reveals His Best Season Ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo admits 2015-16 bestowed on him, a Champions League trophy and a European Championships gold medal, adding that no other seasons with Portugal and Real Madrid had been better.

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 unequivocally said [2015/2016] has been his best season ever.

The former Manchester United hitman played a big role in the campaign that saw Madrid triumph over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Final held in Munich, May 28.

Though he was sidelined 25 minutes into the Euro 2016 finals against France, there’s no doubt that Ronaldo was an inspiration for the Portugal team that won 1-0 at extra time.

Ronaldo’s three goals and three assists in the tournament gave him a spot in Euro 2016 Team of the Tournament,  and the famous striker admits he’s not had a campaign like it before.

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo [Portugal team captain] celebrates with teammates after Euro 2016 triumph.

In his brieft chat with Marca, the famous No. 7 said: “It was the best year of my life in terms of trophies. I won two major trophies with my club and my national team.

“The next trophy I’ll bring to my museum is the European Championship. I’m very proud to have achieved that.

“La Undecima was a very emotional, unique moment. Having the trophy here [in his museum] is incredible. Every time I see it I remember when I won the Champions League for the first time with Manchester United and both times with Madrid and I get very happy.

“Madrid is my club, I’ve been here seven seasons and I’m in a very happy and content moment. Everything is still amazing.

“The Ballon d’Or? You never expect to win individual trophies. They’re not everything and I’m not obsessed by it. I have a chance this year since I won the Euros and the Champions League, very important trophies.

“My injury? I’m improving, recovery is going well and I hope to return as quickly as possible.”

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo