Ronaldo loves to cheat – Gerard Pique

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Gerard Pique has called out Cristiano Ronaldo for cheating during Friday’s match, saying the Portugal international footballer dived for a crucial free-kick which twisted the outcome to a 3-3 draw.

Feeling relaxed and purposeful despite the tensed atmosphere, Ronaldo skilfully dazzled the Spaniards with a kick that drove the ball over the human-wall and into the top corner, instantaneously throwing Portugal fans into a wild frenzy.

Echoes from the two team’s first match at the 2018 World Cup are still heard around the world but Pique, who has always made headlines with controversial statements, argues that his Portuguese opponent and Real Madrid pal flopped to change the course of that game which favored Spain (3-2) at 80 minutes.

Pique said he has issues with the deceitful foul, adding that it was just a “minimal contact” which should not have tripped Ronaldo.

Speaking to reporters in Russia, Pique said: “I barely touched him…He [Cristiano] is very skilled at throwing himself to the ground, even for a minor contact.”

However, football analysts say the referee could be right with his decision since Pique was in close contact with Ronaldo even though the Portuguese star appeared to have anticipated it ahead of time.

The only available videos show both players from a tight angle but confirmed a connection with the hips, upper leg, or knees.

Ronaldo’s exploits in the 3-3 draw are already there in the annals of World Cup, and more thrills from his football skills are expected against Morocco in their second-leg match.

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