Ronaldo destroys Man Utd foundations in exclusive interview, calls out Wayne Rooney and Erik ten Hag

Cristiano Ronaldo

UNBELIEVABLE! Cristiano Ronaldo has made an impossible decision to destroy Manchester United, Rooney and Erik ten Hag in an interview.

Read his statement:

“Manchester United has betrayed me. I’ve been made a scapegoat. I felt that some people don’t want me here at Manchester United, not only this year but last year too.”

“There was no empathy for my sick daughter… I’ve been unable to attend Manchester United’s pre-season as my three-month-old daughter has been hospitalised. I felt hurt because managers doubted me when I gave them the reason for my absence.’

‘I have no respect for Erik ten Hag. I don’t respect him because he doesn’t respect me. If you disrespect me I’ll never respect you.”

Wayne Rooney? I don’t know why he’s so mad at me Probably because he retired while I’m still at the top. Still not gonna say I look better than him… Cause it’s true.”

Ralph Rangnick? If you’re not even a coach, how do you want to be the boss of Manchester United? I had never heard of him before. Between the time I left and the time I came back, the club didn’t progress. Since Sir Alex left, I haven’t seen any evolution at the club. And nothing has changed.”

“I came back to Old Trafford because I followed my heart Sir Alex told me: “It’s impossible for you to go to Manchester City.” And I be like ok boss. Sir Alex knows better than anyone that the club is not on the track it deserves to be. He knows it. Everybody knows it. Those who don’t see it… it’s because they don’t want to see it, they are blind. But as Picasso said, sometimes you have to destroy everything to rebuild. And if it has to start with me, it’s not a concern to me.I think fans need to know the truth.”

“The fans mean the world to me “That’s why I’m giving this interview, because I think now is the right time to say what I think.”

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