Ronaldinho arrested with fake passport in Paraguay

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto remain in a Paraguayan prison accused of using false passports.

The judge claimed there was a “high risk” the pair would flee the country so ordered them to stay in prison until a trial was able to take place. Ronaldinho was in Paraguay to take part in charity work.

Ronaldinho 2

“The judge didn’t understand that Ronaldinho wasn’t aware that he was committing a crime because he didn’t know they were fake documents. He’s stupid,” claimed the footballer’s lawyer, Adolfo Marin, in an interview with ‘Folha de São Paulo’.

“This is a serious offence against the interests of the Paraguayan state,” judge Clara Ruiz said.

“There’s a strong chance they would flee. They don’t have any history here, the entered illegally and are still in the country by illegal means. This is why Ronaldinho and his brother remain incarcerated until a trial can take place.”