Why Messi will not extend contract with Barcelona

Lionel Messi has reportedly informed Barcelona, through his father, that he will not extend his contract. While sports analysts believe there’s a big chance that the Argentina international footballer will change his mind in the future, latest reports confirm he will not. And the reason has been revealed.

According to a report from Sport, Messi is being lured away from Camp Nou by an unidentified football club.

The current World Best Player is said to have received, through his representatives, a multi-million euro offer to NOT renew his contract with FC Barcelona.

Surprisingly, the mouth-watering amount will not be included in his contract, so it’s considered as a “bribe” legally tagged a “sign on fee”.

A Madrid-based newspaper El Mundo reveals the offer is 100 million euros.

The news outlet explained that the reason for this business strategy is to ensure that the yet unknown club will sign him once he leaves Barca at the end of his current contract, without having to pay the 250 million release clause, plus taxes.

If Messi agrees to this proposal, the said club will reward him with a larger amount of money, including a juicy contract.

The Madrid newspaper says it will keep the suitors and their source of information secret for now.

However, there are rumors in the transfer market that Manchester City are more likely to be the unidentified club.

Image: Lionel Messi

Pep Guardiola, Barca’s former coach, has denied allegations that he’s making secret calls to have Messi at the English Premier League club.

Meanwhile, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said during a recent unveiling of Rakuten as Barcelona’s new sponsor that he has no doubts on Messi’s contract agreement. He says he’s convinced Messi will sign on again.

Barca coach Luis Enrique thinks Messi will not disappoint the club, having earned the image of a “chief corner stone”.