Racist White Man bags 15 Years after shooting 5 Black Men during a protest

It’s unbelievable that the life of an average black man is now valued at a 3-year prison term.

Take your time and envisage an “ideal” American society where a typical white supremacist has the right to pull his trigger at random — by error or commission — towards a group of protesting blacks, and gets a pardon from the court judge without apologies.

This undated image released by the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis shows Allen Scarsella, who was convicted on 1 February, 2017. Source: AP via Hennepin County Jail.

Allen Scarsella was convicted on 1 February, 2017,  after he shot at a group of five black men who sustained life-threatening wounds. The victims were lucky to have survived the attack but you and I can’t deny that sting of gut feeling when justice is denied.

The cold-blooded racist unleashed terror at protesters during a Black Lives Matter rally which organised after the death of Jamar Clark, who was shot and killed in 2015 by police officers from Minneapolis.

Scarsella’s belated sentencing was passed on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Sadly, his prison term will see him spend only 15 years behind bars.

Our hearts were broken because the heartless murderer was far from showing remorse in court but rather received an undeserved mercy. He expressed readiness to live with the consequences of his action forever but showed a psychotic hatred for black folks, and would have probably smiled at the judge if handed a life sentence.

Better still, the white Minnesota man was apparently ready to give heavens a big hug if that kindhearted judge had considered capital punishment as a deserved gift.

There’s no doubt that Scarsella will likely kill again, either as an inmate or a free man, if he survives 15 years in prison.

Yesterday’s court judgement begs the question of implementing capital punishment against calls from right activists who think the time for executions is over.

In an ever-changing world where crime, gun violence, terrorism and racial profiling has become the order of the day, making a choice between life sentence and capital punishment has become a pressing issue which we no longer need to spare for another innocent life.

No apologies was tendered by Scarsella in court. He looked convinced that supremacists like himself and other terrorists with bird brains should have a right to decide the fate of other “less beings.” Whatever makes them think that any life — black, brown or white — is expendable! Killers don’t deserve any mercy! Not even in a free country like the United States of America.

The prosecutor requested an approval for a maximum 20 years stipulated by the laws. However, this Bloomington man was handed only 15 years and two months.

According to a report from The Associated Press (AP), Scarsella got his conviction in February. He was sentenced for an assault which occurred at an encampment located very close to a north Minneapolis police station.

The 25-year-old psycho also faced riot charges for endangering the lives of five black men who were taking part in at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Standing before the Hennepin County District Judge Hilary Caligiuri, the accused murderer said: “I recognize the severity of the events of November 23rd, 2015.”

The shooter revealed that he was at the crime scene with three of his friends who accompanied him to the encampment. He admitted getting angry after a group of demonstrators chased them away because they wore masks.

“I’ll live with the consequences the rest of my life,” the convicted shooter said in his statement.

Judge Caligiuri said it’s hard to understand why Scarsella committed the crime, adding that where he got his “repugnant and racist ideas” remains a mystery.

“The only saving grace for the night was that all victims survived,” Caligiuri adds. “It’s a miracle.”

In truth, Scarsella go t a break that no black would ever have, and this sparked raw emotions in court.

The only witness who appeared during the trials was Clark’s cousin, Cameron Clark. He sustained gunshot wounds in the leg and foot.

“If that had been me I would have been looking at 25 to 30 (years) for shooting five white people,” Cameron Clark said, adding that the shooter should have been charged with attempted murder.

It was regrettable that Scarsella faced only a first-degree assault resulting in great bodily harm.

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  • Why do they feel the need to mention he is white after showing a picture of him in which the size takes up half of the page? Whenever its a black suspect, they don’t show his photo and don’t mention his race.
     Clinical Sociopath
    Sentenced? This guy deserves a medal not a cell. BLM is no different then ISIS.

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