Putin and Xi Jinping may discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Beijing – Report

We have been reporting on Vladimir Putin’s visit to China this morning – his second known trip abroad since the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him.

Russia’s RIA news agency is now reporting that the Russian and Chinese leaders may discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during their meeting in Beijing.

Yesterday, Mr Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Moscow wanted to help prevent a humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

And now Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has reiterated that view.

“There is still a threat of the expansion of the conflict,” RIA quoted Mr Peskov as saying. 

“This may be fraught with absolutely unspeakable consequences for the whole region.

“The main thing is to stop the ‘hot’ war and then conceptually approach the settlement process with new efforts.

“An independent Palestinian state is needed, Israel needs security guarantees, Israelis should live in peace and feel safe.”

Mr Peskov also said that the Russian president did not have a peace plan and it needed to be worked on.

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