Puerto Rican government sues insurance companies over Hurricane Maria entitlements


For not responding “quickly enough” and failing to pay out entitlements to victims of Hurricane Maria, insurance companies have been sued by the Puerto Rican government.

Officials confirmed to the Associated Press that “legal actions against offenders” have become necessary as part of the restructuring process. Hurricane Maria wrecked Puerto Rico nearly a year ago.

‘The lawsuits aim to prevent companies from dropping claims because they have allegedly expired,’ Gov. Ricardo Rossello said on Tuesday, adding that some of the insurance companies in Puerto Rico think claims can be dropped if clients fail to sue within a year.

The lawsuits also seek about 0.6 billion in damages for those who have not been compensated since the Category 4 storm hit on Sept 20.

Over 16,000 claims remain unresolved, government officials said.

Attorneys in Puerto Rico recently filed a class-action lawsuit addressing the same concerns.