Psycho rapists arrested after assaulting a woman and streaming it live on Facebook for 3 hours

A group of psychotic rapists in Uppsala, Sweden, have been arrested after an attempt to make a viral sex video.

The men broke into their victim’s home and allegedly gang-raped the woman while streaming it online.

Sadly, the live Facebook video lasted about three hours before a good Samaritan alerted the police.

According to a report from the Metro, witnesses confirmed this group of narcissists were armed during the horrific assault.

They tore the woman’s dress before taking turns on her while live-streaming the orgy on a closed Facebook group. She nearly lost consciousness as the video shows.

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Josefine Lundgren, the woman who called in cops, said she didn’t realize what was happening in the live video feed until she looked closely.

One of the attackers had a gun.

She quickly requested help from cops who successfully traced the location.

In her words: “He [one of the rapists] pulled her clothes off and lay on top of her.”

Lundgren, 21, wasn’t the only witness. She claims to have seen another 60 persons viewing the video at that time.

Another netizen who saw the Facebook Live told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: “At first I thought it was a poorly orchestrated joke.

“The first thing you think is ‘how can you do such a thing to a girl?’ And how can you do it live? It is totally sick.”

One of the rapists was seen laughing in the video and telling their victim, “You have been raped.”

“Three against one, ha ha ha,” one of the closed group members who were watching the sickening live feed, wrote in the comments section.

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Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT reported that the rapists made a second live video in which they forced the woman to deny that she had been raped.

The men were still recording the video when police arrived at the scene and arrested everyone before turning off the camera.

Marcus Svensson, an officer from the Uppsala police confirmed on Sunday afternoon that police seized at least a copy of the broadcasts.

“There are quite a few people who have got in touch who saw the broadcast,” he told SVT.

“The victim,” he added, “was taken to hospital both for her own safety and to collect evidence.”

Neighbors at the apartment building are also undergoing interrogations.

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Linda Johansson, another FB user who watched the broadcasts, said to SVT: “My heart broke.

“The girl was sitting in front of the camera while the guy who filmed her tried to make her deny that she had been raped.

“He was putting the words in her mouth. He was extremely threatening and laughed throughout the film.” 

According to a study from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, rapists are more likely to:

  • have a history of child sexual abuse
  • have experienced harsh discipline as a kids
  • display antisocial personality
  • have difficulty with intimate relationships and
  • suffer loneliness.

Though the characteristics above refer mostly to sex offenders who target children, they’re in fact, not different from those who target adults except that the latter showed higher rates of externalizing behaviors such as aggression/violence, substance abuse, non-violent criminality and more.