Psychiatric Hospital threatens to release 200 Lunatics on the streets

A dissatisfied hospital management at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has threatened to release a total of 200 metally ill patients on the streets today. The action will serve as a warning to the government for lack of logitics, inadequate funding and lack of medications.

According to a local media report, two hundred lunatics will be returned to their families as a result of the Ghanaian government’s lack of concern.

Nurses at the psychiatric hospital have been on strike since Monday, 31 October.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei, has argued that a lot has been done by the government and Ministry of Health to improve healthcare delivery since the indefinite strike began.

Government is expected to release GHS1million to the hospital.

However, reports confirm the hospital has only received a cheque for GHS300, 000 and GHS100, 000 worth of medications which they say, is not enough for them to resume work.

Dr Akwasi Osei addressed the public on this matter, saying: “The Ministry of Finance is releasing some money that has not come yet to add to what the Ministry of Health is giving.

“Together with the Ministry of Health, they are going to release about GHS1million in cash directly or [through] logistics, so, with that we will urge the nurses that: ‘Yes, you did not get all what you wanted, but you’ve got something that should encourage you’.

“The Ministry has started intervening, they’ve given a cheque for GHS300,000 and that cheque will mature by Monday (November 7). They are also bringing some logistics, some medication, and a few things that will alleviate the immediate acute problem,” Mr Osei added.

“The Ministry is also making arrangements to bring some security personnel; plain clothed policemen to assist with security, so, with all these measures, by mid-week things should come maybe not back to normal but at a point where the nurses should feel comfortable to come to work,” the doctor said on Accra-based Class FM.