PSG slapped with stand closure and 43,000 euros fine

European football governing body UEFA has reached a decision that Paris Saint-Germain’s Auteuil stand at the Parc des Princes should remain closed for the club’s next European match, including a €43,000 fine for disturbance from their supporters during the second leg Champions League match against Real Madrid.


The disciplinary actions were deemed necessary as football violence spirals to an alarming high rate ahead of the World Cup in Russia.

PSG supporters resorted to lighting red flares during their disappointing Champions League match which ended 2-1 (5-2 aggregate) in favor of Madrid earlier this month. The fireworks was an attempt to create an intimidating atmosphere that could inspire a comeback for the Parisian club, but their unlawful efforts boomeranged.

The Ligue 1 hooligans were also accused of blocking stairways and using laser pointers against the reigning European champions.

Following its closure of disciplinary proceedings on the matter, Uefa has, however, blamed the incident on PSG’s negligence. The club is alleged to have allowed fans into the stadium without conducting proper body searches.

Unai Emery’s team is closing in on the Ligue 1 title but the Auteuil will be shut for PSG’s first Champions League home game next season. As potential French league champions, the club is set to grab another top-seed place in Europe’s premier competition for 2018-19.

In related news, Marseille were also punished over crowd trouble in Bilbao. During the horrific incidents, two security guards were injured in separate clashes with away fans, and one of the men, a 57-year-old, was wounded in the neck by a sharp object although he avoided serious injuries.

Marseille’s sanction for crowd disturbances include a fine of 30,000 euros.