Prince’s Manager Says Sister Is Not ‘Business Savvy’ Enough To Inherit Millions.

It’s been only few days to the singer’s death and issues on inheritance has surfaced.

Prince’s sister is said to be in line to receive the iconic star’s estate as well as every secret selection of unreleased material(s) but the late superstar’s manager is saying Tyka Nelson (Prince’s sister) is not ‘business savvy’ enough to inherit his multi-million music rights claims.

The manager thinks Tyka cannot take charge of her late brother’s multi-million pound of assets.

The Independent reported that: “Under Minnesota law, his estate could go to his 55-year-old sister unless he left a will stipulating otherwise because she is his closest living relative.”

Another person who thinks Tyka Nelson is not worthy of the estate is Prince’s first manager, Owen Husney. After receiving the shocking and painful death of the musician, Owen said he “prayed” the iconic singer’s legacy had been left “in good hands”.

“I’m sure Tyka is a great person. I would be remiss to think she has the music business savvy to be able to handle a body of work that’s got to be worth 250 to 500 million dollars,” he told the Press Association.

”Prince’s music has never really appeared in commercials. God forbid someone gets hold of this thing and it winds up in some toothpaste commercial.

“I pray that he has left it in good hands with people who know what they’re doing.”

There’s no smoke without fire, one might say. The comments about Prince’s assets or royalties falling into wrongs hands all boil down to Tyka Nelson being a reformed drug addict. She is also a singer.

She discussed her substance problems in an interview with the National Enquirer in 2003.

“I was a single mother and my boys were babies. I sold my body for food, money and Pampers … I pawned the car Prince had given me and sold the kids’ TV for drugs.”

Prince Rogers Nelson, 57, died at his Paisley Park estate near Minneapolis on Thursday morning.

The music icon, unfortunately, was not married at the time of his death. Therefore, it is believed that he doesn’t have any living children.

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