Police Smashed Car Window To Save Dying Dog Locked Inside.

A dog owner did the unthinkable by leaving a pooch inside a locked and overheating car, thanks to a smart police officer who was right on time to rescue the animal.

The officer was called to action on a hot summer afternoon, after noticing there was a dying animal in a car whose driver was seen nowhere around the corner. So he made a hard choice to break the window and save the pet.

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Pictures and video released online show the moment a quick-thinking police officer smashed a car window to open the locked door, and save this lovely animal from suffocation.

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The dog was said to be at the point of death and couldn’t wait to be saved after the door was opened. It jumped out from the window, gasping for air and apparently not taking notice of the glasses.

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Look at the poor animal lying helplessly on the ground.

Officers gave the pooch some water which he quickly laps up. The dog remained in shock for most part of the day, looking lost after the near-death experience, and not believing his owner could be that wicked.