Police Defends Shooting of a Ninja Woman.

A woman who threatened a police officer’s life with a “ninja sword” and an ax was shot dead in defense. The police authorities in NY have also released a dash cam video which captured to incident.

The lady was seen holding a big skull-ax with another sword hidden underneath her shirt. She was ready to kill or be killed.

Police in Gallatin, Tenn., released body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting that ended with a policeman shooting dead Leronda Sweatt.

Leronda Sweatt as she was known in Gallatin, northeast of Nashville got shot by a police officer named James Spray. “It was an act of self defense”, the police said, “after she allegedly threatened him with the weapon on Wednesday.”

The incident occurred around 9am when Leronda stabbed a Sumner County Sheriff who initially went to her apartment to serve a quit notice. The bleeding officer requested emergency backup before Spray arrived at the scene only to see Leronda charge towards him with the weapons.

Camera footage from a second police vehicle at the murder scene showed Spray who released the fatal shots was backed in his car when 40-year-old Leronda unleashed an attack. His attempt to steer clear of the deceased caused him to bump on the other car behind.

Officer James Spray arrived on the scene after a sheriff's deputy was injured, and is on administrative leave after shooting Sweatt twice.        Sweatt was remembered lovingly by her family, who said that she wanted to make an agreement to pay her rent.

Spray then fired two kill shots before Leronda fell to the ground. She was confirmed dead at the hospital.

The police officer has been placed on administrative leave as his department investigates if his decision to shoot was necessary.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has also taken interest in the case.

A police spokesman said that Sweatt was carrying a 18-inch ax, and was also keeping a 16-inch sword in her pants.

Police Public Relations met with members of the Gallatin black community on Thursday and showed them the full footage of the incident.

As expected, Sweatt’s daughter is saying that her mother’s killing was not necessary because she was provoked.

She continued that the video footage released to the general public is only “half of the story that the police wants you to see.”

Her grandmother Ella believes Leronda shouldn’t have been killed. She added that the grand-daughter Leronda Sweatt was bipolar, but “wasn’t a bad person.”

The deceased was working out plans on how to pay the rent before she was killed.

“The deputy who was injured while trying to serve an eviction notice and who police said was in the process of pulling out his Taser at the time he was hit, received roughly 20 staples for a wound on the front side of his body after being taken to the hospital.

He was treated and discharged the same day.