Pilot awarded $1 million for landing plane with a broken windscreen

The Chinese government has offered $1 million as reward to a heroic pilot who showed brevity in the sky when faced with terrifying challenges from a broken windshield.

Liu Chuangjian.jpg

Image: Liu Chuangjian (Source: China Daily)

Liu Chuangjian, a professional pilot with Sichuan Airlines, was in control of Flight 3U8633 in May 2018 when the right side of his cockpit broke off, almost sucking him out of the plane.

With great skills and courage, Chuangjian landed the Airbus A319 safely in Chengdu, an effort which the Civil Aviation Administration of China considered deserving of an honor.

Media reports confirm the pilot bagged a “CAAC Heroic Captain” award together with a cash reward of 5 million Chinese Renminbi (about $1.4 million).

Chuangjian received the individual honor for perfectly doing his job and, in the process, saving the lives all 119 passengers and crew members who also received the “CCA Heroic Crew” award each. Only two crew members sustained injuries during the traumatic incident.