Petr Cech – Chelsea are dangerous on the counter-attack

Saturday night’s Premier League encounter between Chelsea and Arsenal ended on a sour note for Petr Cech, who gallantly fought to keep his former teammates from scoring but had to give way for three goals.

Belgian star Eden Hazard opened the scoreboard for Chelsea with a wonderful solo effort before M. Alonso and C. Fabregas found the net.

Arsenal were favorites for the night but committed some costly errors which handed the Blues a chance to seal their top spot with 59 points.

Second place holders Tottenham Hotspur have 50 points while the Gunners stood at 47 points.

A win against Antonio Conte‘s men would have reduced the ever-widening gap between Chelsea their rivals.

“I thought that first half we did pretty well, but obviously they had their first chance and they managed to tap in the rebound which gave them confidence and this is what they needed because they could close the space and wait for the counter-attack,” Petr Cech said in his post-match interview after the 3-1 loss.

“They are dangerous on the counter-attack, but we didn’t allow them to have many chances.

“Second half we felt that we were still in the game, that we could come out second half and score the equalizer and then to see what we can do. Unfortunately the next goal came for them, and then obviously the third one.

“I gifted them the third one. It’s a shame.”

Cech admits Arsenal committed so many errors in the game but argues that if the players had converted their few chances against Chelsea, the scoreline may have ended favorably.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper blamed their loss on wasted chances and some silly errors.

In his words: “Of course. If you look at efficiency, they created three chances, they put two of them in the back of the net.

“Obviously I don’t count the third one, it came after a mistake. But we had some chances and normally we score one, which makes the difference in a game like that.”

The Czech professional footballer says there’s still a big chance for the Gunners, if they start winning right now.

“We are still mathematically in but obviously we are a long way behind,” he said.

“We need to make sure that we win our next games and we need to now win pretty much every game if we want to hope, so let’s see how we go.”