Pep Guardiola: Manchester City can achieve more this season

Pep Guardiola is excited with Manchester City’s record-breaking performances since the start of this 2017/18 English Premier League season but says there are still areas that need improvement in his squad.

City’s incredible season is already spiced with 15-game winning streak as they plot for Saturday’s Premier League game against 4th place holders Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad Stadium.

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Image: Pep Guardiola

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Speaking at a press conference ahead of their 16 December fixture, Pep said he’s expecting his men to raise the bar higher. City are topping the EPL chart with 49 points from 17 games, 11 points away from Manchester United, who are second on the table.

City’s opponent in today’s game are 18 points behind the league leaders but Pep insists he doesn’t have a perfect team yet.

In his words, ‘Football requires that a team understands how to attack and defend. However, the most important part is knowing when to do so.

‘I am not happy that we have to wait until the second half before finding our rhythm.

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‘There are a lot of things we need to tackle before as a team, but so much depends on our opponents, too. We don’t play the games alone.

‘I and my players always watch the video tapes from games, so we can discuss and highlight our achievements, problems and expectations. Sometimes, there are players who need private discussions, too.’

The former Barcelona coach pointed out a serious issue with his defenders, saying they have been careless with their passes to wingers. He also noted that the full-backs often allow room for opponents to make crosses inside the 18-yard box.

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‘In all aspects, we can improve our games,’ the 46-year-old manager explained. ‘For example, sometimes, I see our defenders allowing the opposition to make crosses and the reception for our wingers are not always correct in the way they receive the ball.’