Pedro Hopes For A Chance To Play For Spain Again.

Pedro Rodriguez says he hasn’t lost any hope of playing for Spain in the nearest future, following his relegation to the bench at Euro 2016 and the emotional public outburst. He has expressed his desire to remain part of the Spain national team set-up under whoever takes over reigns from the retiring Vicente del Bosque.

Image: Pedro Rodriguez

The Chelsea player was widely criticized for daring to speak out against what he called marginalization or simply, hate towards him.

Pedro complained there was no need for him to be selected if he won’t taste more actions on the pitch. He was chosen among the 23-man-squad but used as a substitute in the Group D game against Czech Republic. During his post-match interview, the unhappy player said:

“I had other expectations when I arrived here and it’s not been what I wanted.

“To assume this role is very difficult for me, and if you don’t see more continuity then you wonder if it is really worth the trouble to keep coming just to be part of the group, to be with my teammates, even though I’m very comfortable.

“I thought that in the Euros I would have more continuity because I arrived in good shape.”

[When asked how he was adapting to this new role]: “Badly, obviously. You always want to play and bring your best,” he said.

“Situations sometimes arrive at a point where you have to take a decision.”

“I’ve spoken to Del Bosque. It wasn’t an attack on the coach, not at all,” he said.

“If anyone has been offended, I apologize.

“Vicente [Del Bosque] and my teammates see [these comments] as being normal… .”

Pedro added: “I’m very thankful to be here… I never said I wanted to leave.”

Image: Pedro in action for Spain

He had less playing time just like the team captain and long time goalkeeper Iker Casillas who calmly remained on the bench.

After a disappointing outing for Spain at Euro 2016, Pedro wants another chance to prove himself worthy of wearing the national colors under a new coach, adding that his relationship with Vicente del Bosque and teammates is cordial.

“I had a very good relationship [with Vicente del Bosque], despite everything that’s been said,” the 28-year-old forward told Marca at a children’s foundation bearing his name in his hometown Tenerife.

“We had good times together, besides becoming world and European champions. It’s good for everyone [that he is staying on in a different role].

“[On why he wants to remain part of the Spain set-up], it is most important [to me] and gives a player a lot of prestige.

“[On Del Bosque’s rift with Iker Casillas], sometimes [what’s reported] is more than what’s said because we’ve always had a good relationship with one another in the dressing room. It’s a shame that Del Bosque is leaving.

“I’m very motivated [about returning to] Chelsea to and taking the team back to where they should be.

“[My first season] was one of adaptation and difficulty, but I want to have a great [second] season.

“[On the Premier League], it’ll be very competitive with Coaches like Pep Guardiola.

“[On his hometown club Tenerife], it’s a long-term possibility that could happen.

“[On Lionel Messi], we’re talking about the best player in the world. I wish a lot of support for him and his family.”

Image: Pedro Rodriguez at a press conference.