Patient Shoots Doctor In Germany, And Kills Himself.

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Image: The German Flag

A German doctor at the University Hospital Steglitz has reportedly been shot dead in a clinic by one of his patients who later turned the gun on himself, Bild reports.

The shooting happened at the mouth, jaw and face surgery unit of the Benjamin-Franklin Hospital in the south-western district of Steglitz, officials said.

The incident took place at around 11:00 GMT and an anti-terrorist unit is reportedly at the scene.

Initial reports from Berlin Police confirmed the doctor was critically injured, adding that he was currently in intensive care, but later said he had died.

The circumstances of the shooting are still being investigated, though police said there was no indication of a “terrorist background” to the attack.

Bild reports the doctor was a senior dental surgeon.

A series of attacks over the past days, including the shooting deaths of nine people and a gunman in Munich on Friday, have prompted officials to call for stricter gun laws in Germany.