Panama Papers Going Public Soon.

A breaking news report says the task force made up of investigative journalists who are currently examining millions of Panama Papers documents will be releasing the information for the general public.

The searchable database of a total 11.5 million leaked files from Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca will be surfacing online within a few days this May.

Details of the said documents relates to more than 200,000 offshore companies and trusts around the world.

According to the report, the journalists claim the online data is the biggest release of secret information about formerly secret activities of people (mostly corrupt government and company executives) who have kept there ‘illegal’ financial activities secret.

This group of investigative journalists say they will not expose raw data to the general public, rather, the information to be released will be carefully sieved.

“The ICIJ clarified that the papers are being redacted to remove information such as bank account numbers, emails, passport details and telephone numbers”, Iexpat reported.

While a host of famous people in government offices and private companies have resigned amid several criminal investigations in the USA, UK and other countries, the ICIJ is hell-bent on bringing the criminal activities to light.

The report continued: “The group (ICIJ) also confirms that journalists around the world are ready to reveal stories about alleged tax avoidance, money laundering and other criminal activities tied to the network of offshore companies.

“So far, the Panama Papers have uncovered the secret offshore tax and financial transactions of world leaders, politicians and other leading celebrities – including British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Other information from the reports say the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Britain have made claims against the ICIJ which has been accused of blocking the investigations through their inaction. The HMRC said a request to release documents from the Panama Papers implicating British tax payers in those alleged crimes have not been released by the ICIJ. This is impeding investigative actions from the British government office.

On The Official Request Ignored:

A Representative for HMRC confirmed: “We have put an official request in to the ICIJ for this information.

“However, after a couple of weeks we have had no response and although the police and Serious Fraud Office are standing by to work with us, the investigation is on hold until we have the data to work from.”

One person of interest who have been outspoken on issues relating to the Panama Papers is US president Barack Obama. Mr. President expressed his feelings by saying: “It’s not that some of these people are breaking the law, it’s more to do that the laws are so poorly written that people can easily work out ways of conducting their business offshore without seemingly committing crimes.

Online report confirms the secret fraud documents will be made available to the public on ICIJ online from May 9, 2016.