Okey Bakassi suggests abolishment of state of origin requirements

A popular comedian, Okey Bakassi has called for the abolition of state of origin in the country, adding that it was a tool of division.

Speaking during the week, Bakassi said, “If we want to strengthen the unity of this country, we should all advocate the abolition of ‘state of origin’ and emphasize ‘state of residence’.”

The veteran actor continues: “I don’t see why in 2023, we should be filling out a form and asking people for their ‘state of origin’ or ‘tribe’. Is it the tribe one belongs to that will determine how the person will function in office? I think what should be more important to anybody should be one’s state of residence. It does not contribute anything to national development. We should push for that law to change. If a man lives in a certain place and chooses to make that place his home, then it should be so.”

Bakassi also maintained that politicians who had been charged with corruption should not be allowed to participate in elections. He said, “We need to push our lawmakers to make laws that will make this democracy work for us. One such law should be that if any politician has a case with corruption or fraud, whether they are cleared or not, that person should not be part of the next electoral cycle. Our political space cannot continue to be populated by people who are facing trial. There is no company that will hire anybody who has a criminal case in court. So, why do we elect leaders who have cases in court?”

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