Nude coffee shop attendant lands manager in trouble

A coffee shop owner in Thailand is facing jail after his worker, a pretty and bodacious model, stripped to appease her customers’ roving eyes.

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Image: Arisa Suwannawong

Coffee goes with milk, you’d admit.

Arisa Suwannawong, who is nicknamed “Jaenae with the huge boobs,” courageously served her adoring customers in the nude and now, Thai authorities have turned the heat on her employer.

In the pictures below, Prason Sukkorn, the owner of Coffee On The Day captured Jaenae in her glory after asking the well-endowed beauty to wear a skimpy apron while serving customers.

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In a marketing video recorded outside the cafe in Chonburi, Thailand, she is seen displaying her boobs and admitting that “coffee is so good.”

“…They use plenty of milk,” she said, glancing at her chest with a seductive smile.

Unfortunately, the marketing trick backfired and her manager, Sukkorn, is said to be facing three to five years behind bars and/or a fine of 100,000 Thai baht.

The company owner is facing charge for obscenity.

“There was no intention to be sexual or offensive,” Sukkhorn said in a statement. “I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologized for this.”

Nonetheless, police commander Thanachai Usakit, who spoke from his Sattahip district station said the owner admitted uploading obscene materials and revealed there could be a twist in the case.

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“The owner said that he didn’t know better and admitted it was a way to publicize his coffee shop that just opened last Tuesday,” Usakit said. “He didn’t realize it would break the law, because the model in the photos wasn’t fully naked, but although the nude pictures were removed, his original offence is still present.”

He continued, “We must investigate that and proceed with the law.”

Watch Arisa Suwannasong display her ice bucket skills:

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  1. what a crap of bullshit headline. If with and without wrapping is the same as without wrapping, go eat all your food WITH the wrappings together ~ afterall, nude and semi-nude is no different than with wrappings and without wrappings.