Manchester United’s first contract for 2017 isn’t heart-warming

Manchester United has signed a new contract ahead of this year’s transfer window but it’s not exactly what fans had expected.

The club’s first deal for 2017 is an agreement which will permit players to use a private route while driving to their Carrington complex.

Man U management decided to ease traffic delays for a few Red Devils who live in the southern part of Manchester, so they penned an agreement with a land owner whose property is strategically located near the club’s training ground.

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According to a report from the UK Mirror, the property owner has stopped Man U players from using his farmland as a short route to their headquarters.

The club’s captain, Wayne Rooney, was reportedly embarrassed by this farmland owner who ordered him to turn back.

United’s assistant captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David de Gea and Juan Mata are among those who have suffered in the hands of this “hard man” who goes by the name Highmoor.

Man U fans believe the land owner should have received a contract before now but it’s sad that he can’t play. Now we know money can literally solve any problem. You won’t blame Highmoor for this reason.

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Image shows Wayne Rooney driving on his way to the Carrington complex.

Media reports confirm that the problem lingered because Manchester United was duped some years ago by a man who claimed to be the real owner. It was a bad deal for the club.

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Man U upgraded the road and mounted security barriers after players complained that the rough road was damaging their supercars, only to find out later that they had paid a fraudster who only lived around the area as a tenant.

The players preferred to use this farmland because there are no paparazzi on it.

An aerial view of Manchester United's swish Carrington training base without its floodlights

Image shows an aerial view of Man U’s training ground.

Former coach Louis van Gaal revealed in 2014 that he had plans to change the location of Man U’s Carrington complex because it gets too windy for players to train.

“The training ground needs some more intimacy and I have asked already…it is an open field and there is always wind and wind is not always the friend of the players…,” the Dutchman said. So we have to do something about that. But the facilities are fantastic.”

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