North Korean Workers Given “Ice” To Sustain Construction Speed At A Skyscraper Project.

North Korea is feeding its construction workers crystal meth to enhance their performance in order to sustain a desired speed at a government construction project.

The workers and their directors in charge of erecting a skycraper, have a limited time to meet their target so the use of “white powder” was sanctioned by the “authorities”.

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Bosses allegedly started using the drugs as they came under increasing pressure to finish the new skyscraper – a pet project of Kim Jong-un.

According to The Sun, the exhausted workforce is being openly supplied with the drug as their chiefs come under increasing pressure to finish the massive tower.

This in turn has led torumors being spread across Pyongyang mocking bosses and the industry.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), slogans found on a derelict building read “Pyongyang speed is drug speed” and referred to workers as “drug troops”. The phrases are believed to be mocking slogans used by North Korea’s construction industry.

Methamphetamine, also known as “ice” or crystal meth” is an extremely powerful stimulant. It increases the user’s energy levels, alertness and physical activity and can last four hours – making it the ideal slave labour drug.

A source told RFA: “Investigators are warning construction workers that they will be severely punished for further incidents of this kind.

“(They) are undergoing terrible sufferings in their work.”

The skyscraper project – a pet project of tyrant Kim Jong-un – has continued late into the night in recent months as bosses draft in thousands of residents to work on it.

North Korea’s problem with methamphetamine has been widely reported – the government produces the drug then ships it abroad.

Its annual income from the drug is believed to be hundreds of millions.

Kim Jong Un has reportedly insisted on the strict deadlines in an effort to boost North Korea’s image. Picture: KCNA

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