Nigeria’s Chibok Girls: First Kidnapped Girl Found.

Activists say one of the missing Chibok girls has been found in Nigeria.

Reports confirm she’s the first girl to be rescued since Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria’s northern region kidnapped over 200 school girls about two years ago.

The Chibok girls in a Boko Haram video released in May 2014

Image shows some of the kidnapped secondary school girls in a video released by Boko Haram.

218 girls from the captured secondary school students remain missing till this day.

Since the horrific incident occurred in April 2014, there’s been campaigns from individuals and civil rights groups all over the world seeking their release.

The Nigerian government has also been accused of performing below par on the highly politicized issue. Mounting pressures from local and international bodies on Goodluck Jonathan’s past regime was part, if not the main reason why PDP lost the presidential election.

A report confirms, activists told the BBC that Amina Ali Nkeki (the rescued girl) was found by a vigilante group on Tuesday in the Sambisa Forest, close to the border with Cameroon.

Lucky girl, Amina was reportedly identified by a civilian fighter said to be a member of the Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF), a vigilante group fighting against Boko Haram. The vigilantes were on a search for firewood in the forest.

“She was saying… all the Chibok girls are still there in the Sambisa except six of them that have already died,” the rescued girl was quoted.

Amina Ali Nkeki is from Mbalala town located south of Chibok, from where 25 of the school girls were kidnapped.

Her neighbor confirmed she was found with a baby, according to BBC.

An uncle, Yakubu Nkeki, told Associated Press news agency that Amina is now with her family and relatives in Chibok. She was 17 years old as at the time Boko Haram struck and abducted over 200 girls, now she is 19, her uncle added.

Further reports say Amina will be moved to the Borno State’s capital, Maiduguri, very soon.

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