Nigerian lady explains new sex trends in Lekki

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to raise alarm about the disturbing new trend among lovers in the Lekki area of Lagos state.

The lady identified as @Grace_undiluted disclosed that multiples couples now rent Airbnbs in Lagos for the sole purpose of engaging in Swing Sex – where they swap each other’s partner’s during copulation.

Grace who was shocked by her discovery opined that Lagosians are now engaging in more perverse activities than the biblical “Sodom and Gomorrah”.

She tweeted,


“Crazy things are really going on in lekki, the kind of things I’ve heard and seen since I got here is crazy. You all rent Airbnb to pass your partners around with your friends now

4 guys with their serious girlfriends rented an Airbnb, and passed each other around all night. Like this isn’t an orgy party ohh, They called it swinging and you must bring your real partner. You people have outdone Sodom and Gomorrah in this Lekki ohh!”

In other news, a Nigerian lady has on her Twitter page, shown off the bundle of Naira notes a Nigerian man wrote his number on and sent to her after she refused to give him her number.

According to the lady with handle, @surelurla, she attended a bachelor’s party where the man approached her and asked for her number. After she declined and asked for his instead, the said man decided to send it with bundles of Naira notes amounting to N30,000.