News Update on EgyptAir Hijack.

• EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo is hijacked
• Hijacker threatened to detonate explosive belt
• Has ‘demanded political asylum’ and requested translator
• 88 people on Flight MS181 – ‘including eight Britons’
• Police urged to move away from plane after it lands in Cyprus
• Officials say hijackers allow woman, children and Egyptian passengers to leave

A policeman stands guard at Larnaca Airport near the hijacked Egypt Air A320


Reports from The Telegraph confirms there were a total of 10 Americans and 8 Britons in the plane.

All of the passengers have reportedly been removed from the plane, with the exception of the crew and five foreigners.

The five remaining passengers are: Three British, one Italian, Irish, according to Egyptian media.

Egypt’s state television has named the hijacking suspect as Ibrahim Samaha.