New Zealand focused on innovation and tech-friendly culture

Technology savvy Kiwis appear to have a very bright future ahead of them, as the world continues to tumble forth amidst a digital golden age, with industries throughout the world becoming increasingly aware of the need to adapt and evolve.

As part of a culture-of-innovation research study published by Microsoft News in October, some 88% of business decision-makers in New Zealand have underlined that constant innovation was essential for performance and growth, not to mention resilience when times are tough. What’s more, this philosophy is being widely adopted by all kinds of industries.

Perhaps most importantly for the future of business in the digital age, New Zealand organisations are leading way by encouraging policies of creative thinking amongst employees, even when ideas may seem unorthodox. The Microsoft study also highlighted that 25% of companies in New Zealand are considered to be global leaders for their culture of innovation, which is well above the 8% average for countries within the Asia Pacific region.

Interestingly, this perhaps gives credence to a Harvard Business Review paper from 2014, which suggested that eastern countries like China have struggled to match the same culture of innovation found in the western world. Nevertheless, the same paper also mentioned that, in 2011, Microsoft actually opened an Asia Pacific R&D hub in Beijing, while other leading western technology companies have since followed suit.

Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, industries from all sectors are making huge strides to place the country firmly on the technology world map. Given that iGaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the digital arena, online casinos offering desktop games and mobile apps like JackpotCity NZ have already established firm roots in the Oceanic nation, with games and software development quickly becoming a thriving industry.

National and regional government bodies across New Zealand are keen to support the booming digital economy, encouraging further investment in technology and innovations, whilst also providing funding to improve infrastructure in both urban and rural areas. There are more indications of how important they view a strong culture of innovation.

Widespread ICT usage and investment is actively supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, while the country itself is also keen to be a world leader in artificial intelligence research and development. Eager to remain at the cutting edge of new technological advances, New Zealand has warmly embraced virtual reality technology, which has been successfully adopted by tourism and other sectors, over the last few years.

One area where New Zealand does lag behind a little is for internet speeds. Ranking 27th globally for internet speeds in 2020, the country is in the midst of a big push to improve infrastructure, ensuring more people have easy and cost-effective access. Encouragingly, investment is paying off with New Zealanders already enjoying faster speeds than neighbouring Australia, along with many other Asia Pacific nations.

The key to a bright technological future for New Zealand is the open willingness to improve, accompanied by an established passionate desire to be competitive on the world stage. This bodes well for the country positioning itself amongst the innovative world leaders for decades to come.