New coalition government inaugurated in Spain

After two chaotic general elections in Spain, this new executive is the result of a coalition between the Socialist Party (PSOE) and leftist party, Unidos Podemos (UP).

The new left unity Spanish government, the first ruling coalition since 1936, led by Socialist Pedro Sanchez, was sworn in Monday in the presence of King Philip VI.

After more than eight months of political deadlock and two general elections, the four vice-presidents and 18 ministers of the new cabinet participated in the taking office ceremony in the Zarzuela Palace, the official residence of the monarch.

The new executive is the result of a coalition between Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) and the leftist party, Unidos Podemos (UP), which has resulted in the rejection of the right-wing opposition block composed by the conservative Popular Party, the liberal Citizens and the far-right Vox party.

Today the ministers of the government of Spain took office. Men and women with long trajectories that guarantee their capacity. A great team for a progressive government that is already working to move our country forward and improve the lives of its citizens.

In Sanchez’s new cabinet there are four UP ministers, plus the leader of this party, Pablo Iglesias as second vice-president of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. Also, eight ministers will come back to their actual positions.

All members of the Cabinet respected the usual formula of pledge or oath of office, which included their commitment to loyalty to the king and to uphold and enforce the Constitution, even though many of them are self-declared Republicans.

After taking the oath, each member of the Executive addressed their respective ministries.

The two main challenges this administration has to face would be the political crisis in Catalonia following the secessionist process of 2017 and the improvements in social services with the maintenance of the economic orthodoxy demanded by the European Union.

Tomorrow an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers will be held and next Friday, the usual cabinet meeting will take place.