Munich Massacre: Teenager Who Shot 9 Dead And Injured Many, Identified As Ali Sonboly.

Live updates from Munich bloody massacre reveal that the teenage killer who shot and killed nine persons, injuring many in the act, has been identified as Ali Sonboly.

Image: Police have commenced investigations on what might have triggered Ali Sonboly’s terrorist attack, and how he lured his victims.


The shooter was reportedly ‘depressed’ and ‘used Facebook to offer free McDonald’s food in order to lure victims to his location so he could carry out a mass execution. “Free stuff, sometimes come as a trap,” one says.

Ali Sonboly is said to be an 18-year-old German-Iranian young man.

The heartless terrorist randomly shot at a crowd in one of Munich’s shopping malls, followed by another shooting at a nearby McDonald’s.

Reports confirm that a total of 9 people died from the teen’s gun, and as many as 16 persons sustained varying degrees of injuries before he, emotionally and cowardly, ended his life.

CCTV Image shows Ali David Sonboly as he shot at his victims in front of a McDonald’s location in Munich, Germany.

Telegraph reported that Ali Somboly had posed as a teenage girl called ‘Selina Akim’ on FaceBook, posting messages, pictures and using the social media account to lure unsuspecting victims out to their death. His fraudulent offers of free food appeared online just a few hours before his well-calculated killing spree started.

After the incident, police reportedly issued warnings to the general public Saturday morning, advising people to be on the look-out for any suspicious movements as they go about their daily activities.

The entire city was on a lock-down after the sad event; all public transit systems were shut down as the authorities continued on a massive manhunt which lasted about 21/2 hours.

A few hours later, police reports confirm that “a body found near the scene was that of the shooter and he appeared to have acted alone”.

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told a news conference: “The suspect was a dual citizen from Munich and his motive was still ‘fully unclear'”.

“He was not previously known to police and there was no evidence of any links to terrorist organisations,” Mr Andrae said.

“The question of terrorism or a rampage is tied to motive and we don’t know the motive.

“We can’t question the suspect so this is all a little more difficult.”

“As to the background or motive of the offence, it’s totally unclear. The investigations will be running on all cylinders through the night,” Mr Andrae said.

Germany has been a red alert since an Afghan teen attacked five persons with an axe on a train. He was killed by the police after trying to flee from the train.

Ali Sonboly’s alleged FaceBook page which he used to lure his victims with an offer of free meals.

Mr Andrae was quoted as revealing that, “inquiries suggested the suspect of today’s McDonald’s attack [Ali Sonboly] had lived in the city for more than two years and is not thought to have been known to law enforcement agencies”.