Mourinho slams Manchester City; offers prediction for the 2018/19 EPL season

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Manchester City’s release of their new TV series All or Nothing stirred Jose Mourinho to anger, and the 55-year-old coach says he’s so disappointed to know their their neighbors are yet to understand that class isn’t quantifiable.

Manchester United boss admitted that his portrayal in the “classless” football documentary exposed City’s civility. He was castigated for the clubs’ 10 December, 2017 encounter which narrator Ben Kingsley described as a horrible style of play.

‘That was simply possession versus defence; attacking football versus park-the-bus,’ Ben said about the game which eventually ended 2-1 in favor of the visitors at Old Trafford.

The match was marred by a clash between players in the tunnel and Mourinho later lashed out at Pep Guardiola for “excessive celebration”.

Speaking to Sky Sports about City’s disrespect, the Portuguese coach said: A movie can be fantastic even when it defames others, but you don’t need to show disrespect to anyone just to make a great movie.’

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He continued, ‘You [City] can be a wealthy club with enough money have an assemblage of best footballers in the world but, again, money can’t buy class…This was evident in the documentary—It was really obvious.’

City won the 2017/18 English Premier League and United finished as runners-up but Mourinho’s men are raring to achieve a more rewarding campaign this season—a necessary effort in light of significant upgrades in their top-six rivals.

‘Our performance last season was bad because we put ourselves in a difficult position,’ Mou said. ‘Our best can only be celebrated with trophies.

‘In my opinion, what I see or read in the media makes it look like we finished 6th or 7th and that every other club did better than us.

‘We were second, and Liverpool—with their huge investments—are trying to lay hands on the EPL trophy this time.

‘Chelsea looks ready for a repeat of their 2016/17 feat—They have a fantastic squad just like City.

‘Tottenham made great investments too, and that’s the best investment any football club can ever make. Spending a whopping £200 million and losing Harry Kane or Christian Benteke (two of their biggest stars) would have been a bad business. Their best decision was to have the squad intact.

‘Even though Arsenal lost their match, it’s too early for a kiss-off,’ the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach said. ‘This 2018/19 EPL season is definitely going to be a tough one.’