Moscow is financing construction of nuclear plant in Uzbekistan

Moscow has set up funds and is prepared to offer several options for financing the nuclear power plant construction project in Uzbekistan, Sputnik news agency reported citing a source.

According to the source, presently, the Uzbek government is working out a detailed proposal for the construction of the nuclear power plant and estimation of possible investments.


“This is a political decision and it will be made by the leaders of the two countries,” the source said.

An agreement on cooperation in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes was signed between the Uzbek and the Russian government in late December 2017. The document was signed by Director General of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation Alexey Likhachev and Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Nodir Otazhonov.

The agreement implies the creation of joint working groups to implement specific projects and scientific research, as well as exchanging experts, organizing seminars and symposiums.