Model auctions her virginity for £2 million; says its a dream come true

A 19-year-old model who recently auctioned her prized possession for £2 million on the Cinderella Escorts website claims she’s so excited for the success.

A business mogul reportedly outbid a Hollywood star during the price-haggling process.

Giselle 2

Image shows the 19-year-old model Giselle

A woman’s virginity many no longer be her husband’s gift in marriage if the standards being set by Cinderella Escorts become a norm in the future.

Young women, often referred to as escorts on the website, not prostitutes, are known for putting up their virginity on sale to raise money for personal goals.

Giselle, 19, is one among the crowd of girls on the multi-million dollar escort agency.

The pretty girl said she has a reason for selling her prize on the popular website which hosts listings from different countries around the world; she needed some money to offset tuition fees and gain a lifetime travel experience.

Giselle 1

The American model said a millionaire businessman from Abu Dhabi got lucky in the bidding process.

However, the girl explained that she was not coerced into the business. She willingly registered on the website to accomplish her goals.

Agreements on where they will complete the final transaction rests on the two parties.

Cinderella Escorts said a security personnel will accompany her to the location once a date is fixed to ensure her safety.

Giselle offered a statement to some biased critics who called her a perv for the choice she made. In her words, ‘I never dreamed that I could get so much from the bidding. The price skyrocketed to 2.5 million euros…it’s a dream I never knew could be achieved.

‘There’s nothing bad with the sale of a girl’s virginity. It is a kind of emancipation for women and should be supported…or at least, positively understood.

‘It’s not anyone’s problem if I decide to sell my first time to someone I never knew.’

Cinderella Escorts gained prominence at the world stage when in 2016, an 18-year-old Romanian model Allexandra Khefren sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for around £2 million.

The company is managed by a 27-year-old German Jan Zakobielski, who works from the comfort of his home in Dortmund.

A representative for Jan’s company said visitors on their website can find videos of many young and beautiful girls from all over the world talking about the reasons to sell their virginity.

There are girls from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America, including Muslim-majority countries.

The spokesperson said the variety shows there are many girls who would willingly sell their virginity, stressing that “the high bidding for Giselle’s auction shows us how high the demand for virgins is.”

Cinderella Escorts website said business people from all over the world have been bidding for the girls.