Minister admits she was a prostitute before her appointment


A beautiful sex worker who is now the Minister of Information in Zambia, has apologized to her family and the citizenry to forgive her past errors.

The former prostitute has changed from her risky sex behavior since the ministerial appointment.

However, she wants people to focus of the future rather than live in the past.

According to a report from the Zambian Observer, this pretty lady named Kampamba Mulenga is desperate to erase her promiscuity records.

She was a confirmed prostitute on the Copperbelt before receiving a turnaround in her life but now has to face the stigma.

Sadly, people still address her like what she used to be – “a worthless sex for money b**ch.”

Mulenga attended a service in Livingstone, where she spoke with some senior members.

“I am a changed person who deserve to be welcomed and accepted in the society,” she said.

Ms. Kampamba Mulenga

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