Mini-Trump arrested for Trespassing

A miniature doppleganger of the US presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was arrested for trespassing as he made his way into Trump International Hotel. Reports confirm he claimed to the real guy who owns the luxury hotel, forgetting he’s not as tall and “handsome”.


Unfortunately for the small Trump, cops and hotel security around the scene wouldn’t let themselves be fooled. The impersonator was arrested immediately.

He was detained in a security office and later released after a trespassing warning was issued to him.

According to a report from TMZ, the incident occurred on Wednesday night, during America’s third and last presidential debate in Las Vegas.

The well-dressed Mini Trump represented a character from Jeff Beacher’s MadhouseHe (the impersonator) was said to have used the pomp and aplomb of a presidential candidate – his own motorcade and beauty pageant contestant. But he was unlucky to have Metro police and security stop his entourage in the lobby.

The report confirms US Secret Service was also on ground during the hilarious arrest.

Earlier this October, another mini Trump attended the presidential candidate’s rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Though the cute child was no impersonator, he was later identified by the New York Post as 2-year-old Hunter Tirpak, of Tuscarona, Pennsylvania.

Image: Trump Brings Mini Trump On Stage; Toddler Steals the Show

Image shows Hunter and Mr Trump and the presidential rally in Pennsylvania.

The real estate-turned-politician was much impressed after noticing the kid among a large crowd.

“Look at that guy over there!” Trump said.

“Bring him up!” The crowd began chanting as they passed him on until he was arrived the center stage.

“Now he is supposed to look like Donald Trump but he’s actually much too good looking,” Trump said holding Hunter in warm embrace. The boy wore a dark suit with his hair combed similar to Trump’s.

“You are really handsome.”

“Where is your daddy and your mommy right? Do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with Donald Trump?” Trump asked.

Now is the time for the real Donald Trump to please stand up! The world is watching.