MH370: New Finding Supports Claims That Plane Was Deliberately Flown Into Sea.

An air-crash investigator has revealed he believes flight MH370 was deliberately flown into the water, as new revelations emerge. The Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared in March 2014 while flying between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

Flight officer looks out of a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) AP-3C Orion as it flies over the southern Indian Ocean during the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. © Rob Griffith

Australian MH370 search authorities are hopeful a wing part found in Tanzania will shed light on how the flight crashed, amid a lack of public information on debris found a year ago, Manila Times reported.

While the current theory suggests the ill-fated Flight MH370 was unpiloted when it crashed over the ocean with 239 people on board, a leading air crash investigator cites “definite evidence” the plane was brought down by somebody in the cockpit, RT reported.

According to the BBC Larry Vance told ’60 Minutes’ in Australia that erosion on the wings suggests a controlled landing.

Vance used to work with the Canadian Air Safety Board and has been in charge of more than 200 crash investigations.

Speaking on the Australian TV programme, he said: “Somebody was flying the airplane into the water. There is no other alternative theory that you can follow.”

Vance is basing his theory on a piece of the wing which was discovered on Reunion Island last year.

The part of the wing that was discovered is known as the ‘flaperon’ and according to Vance the appearance of the recovered wing suggests it had been deployed for landing.

He explained that there is no other way to get the flaperon into this position apart from in preparation for landing, AOL reported.

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Vance said: “The force of the water is really the only thing that could make that jagged edge that we see. It wasn’t broken off. If it was broken off, it would be a clean break. You couldn’t even break that thing.”

Peter Foley, an Australian Safety Bureau crash investigator, agrees that it is possible plane could have been flown into the water intentionally, the Guardian reports.

He said: “There is a possibility there was someone in control at the end and we’re actively looking for evidence to support that.”

There have been plenty of theories surrounding what happened to the fated MH370 flight. The Malaysia Airlines jet was carrying 239 passengers and crew when it disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014.

Foley said he was hopeful the wing part found off Tanzania, which is in Canberra for analysis and was confirmed by Australia on Friday to be “highly likely” from MH370, could reveal how the plane crashed.

“We are looking to see whether or not we can work out whether that flap was extended at the end of flight… it suggests a different end-of-flight scenario,” he added, AFP reported.

Just last week it was revealed that a home flight simulator owned by the plane’s pilot was used to plan a course heading to the south Indian Ocean which is where it’s thought the plane disappeared.

However the Joint Agency Coordination Centre said that the existence of this data does not prove the pilot intentionally crashed the plane.

A statement from the JACC read: “The simulator information shows only the possibility of planning. It does not reveal what happened on the night of the aircraft’s disappearance, nor where the aircraft is located.”

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