Mexican Travelers told to beware of violence and crime threat in the US

American citizens who are planning to leave for Mexico or reside in the country have been warned by the U.S. State Department which issued a new travel warning last Tuesday.

The warning highlighted America’s growing restiveness which has seen violence and crime reach a shocking rate in recent months.

According to the official update, a wave of insecurity is surging throughout the country, and American citizens are increasingly falling victims of violent crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, homicide and carjacking.

The US State Department pointed out some instances where criminals have engaged security operatives in gun battles at public places during the day and at nights.

Carjackers also pose huge threats to everyone as any unsuspecting pedestrian could get involved in a hit-and-run accident because such criminals often speed off the road at neck-breaking speeds.

All U.S. citizens who intend visiting to some notable tourist attractions in specific regions of the country, including two popular tourist destinations — Cancun and Los Cabos — are warned to apply caution.

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The latest travel warning comes after an advisory was issued last month detailing the risk of consuming low-quality or tainted alcohol.

In July, after investigating a Wisconsin woman’s death over possibly tainted alcohol in Mexico, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel received accounts from more than three dozen people who said they also might have consumed tainted alcohol in all-inclusive resorts.

“Following these reports and in consultation with our Posts in Mexico, we updated our Country Specific Information for Mexico to provide updated safety information regarding potentially tainted alcohol,” the department official said in the email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.