‘Messi is a great player,’ Ronaldo admits

The Ronaldo-Messi debate has created a wide gap among football fans with undying love for two talented players who aren’t even aware of any rivalry.

Football is only a game and not war for Peter’s sake!

Cristiano Ronaldo insists people shouldn't compare him with Lionel Messi

CR7 says Lionel Messi is a “great player” in his own right, but adds that helping Real Madrid win trophies is his only concern at the moment.

Speaking with China’s Dongquidi after accepting the publication’s 2016 MVP Award, Ronaldo said he’s not worried about fans and haters who feel happy destroying his image.

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The Portuguese star has received huge backlash in recent weeks after Madrid’s long-awaited dip in form. And the current World Best Player says he’s not surprised that even Madristas are now booing him due to their thoughtless obsession for victories.

I just don’t care about [my critics],” he told Dongquidi.

“I try to do my job and be myself, everyone has people who hates them and it’s part of the business. But, I go to bed happy every night, I’m not here to satisfy my critics as I’m here for my fans and those who make me happy.”

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Ronaldo is considered as one of the greatest footballers that ever lived, just like his rival Lionel Messi.

However, the former Manchester United winger believes fans are seeing an imaginary rivalry between him and the 29-year-old Argentine.

The Portuguese star got furious that even their kids are being drawn into an unnecessary competition.

“We are rivals because we play in different teams but when we’re together we have a normal relationship,” Ronaldo added.

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“People compare us all the time, they’ve even compared our children when they’re at school; who is faster, smarter… It’s part of the business.

“I don’t like to compare, this world doesn’t exist for me. We are different, two people doing their job, that’s all.”

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He continued: “It’s part of the business. I don’t think you can compare things. Cristiano is Cristiano and Messi is Messi.”

Real Madrid will play host to Barcelona later in April.

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