Menstrual Leave With Pay: A Benefit Allowed To Every Female Worker In Ningxia, China.

Ningxia Hui autonomous region located in the northwestern part of China has put in place a regulation that allows paid menstrual leave for all female workers, reported on Tuesday.

Image: File Photo

The effort is aimed at not only protecting women’s right but ensuring that all working class women are guaranteed uninhibited work leave during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and menopause, the report said.

By enacting this law, Ningxia follows the example of other provinces like Anhui, Hubei and Hainan which has already enforced the ordinance.

According to the law, female workers may take paid menstrual leave for one or two days if they can’t carry on their work under heavy menstruation or menstrual pain.

Female workers can also apply for transfer or request for lighter work with a certificate of menopausal syndrome from a legal medical institute or hospital.

The regulation takes the benefit of female workers as a key index of a company’s credit.

It explicitly requires that companies not decrease female workers’ income, limit their promotion, or terminate contracts due to marriage, pregnancy, giving birth, lactation and others.

More specific articles have been added for the benefit of women such as installing a common room for pregnant women, and booking physical health checks.

Companies will be supervised and those who violate the regulations will be punished by departments of social security and work safety.