Memphis: I don’t care about what people say

Memphis Depay has only been in Barcelona for five days, but this has been enough time for him to catch the eye of many Barça fans, who are known for liking players who bring something different. Players who challenge popular conventions.

Memphis Depay

The Dutch forward has given an interview to SPORT to discuss his first week as a Barça player and, above all, to talk to us about a wide range of more personal matters.

Here is a preview of the full interview, due to be published in full later this week.

Direct, transparent and forthright, the ex-Lyon forward said “I don’t care if they say I’m a rebel. Sometimes, if you are a rebel on the pitch it can bring something extra and you win the game. Luis Suárez won so many games and scored so many goals, and not because he’s the sweetest, nicest person on the field. Honestly, I’m not sure why being a ‘rebel’ has such negative connotations”.

He also said “I feel great. I feel blessed to be here. I’ve had an incredible welcome. Obviously, it’s been tiring having to give so many interviews and attend so many events, but I’m doing it with enthusiasm and patience. I’m enjoying this first week and I enjoyed my first game”.