Married Woman Stabs Ex-boyfriend In Her Home, Then Offers A Ride And Stabbed Him Again In The Car.

A Hong Kong woman has been arraigned in court for an attack on her ex-lover who ended their “bad romance” about five months into the relationship. She waited seven months after the separation before getting back her revenge.
Image: Kan Woon-tsz

Kan Woon-tsz, a student nurse, is facing five charges which include an intent to kill with a weapon.

The heartbroken lady who lives in Tsung Pak Long Tsuen [a location in Sheung Shui], stands accused for stabbing her ex-boyfriend seven times with two sharp-edged fruit knives.

Kan carefully planned her attack on Cheng Pak-yiu for a period which lasted longer than their “sweet love”. On that fateful day, she prepared two eight-inch knives before the married man visited her home, court heard on Monday, according to a report from South China Morning Post.

Cheng, a company salesman who took for granted the truth that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, drove to Kan’s home on January 12. Details of their meeting or what transpired indoors is yet to be revealed.

However, the man says Kan fiercely attacked him with several knife cuts as he was about exiting her home. She first poured an unknown liquid on him before charging from behind with a knife.

After the initial attack, both ex-lovers calmed down for a while, and the revengeful woman offered to drive the injured man back to his house the following morning.

In the early hours of January 13, Kan offered to drive him home but ended up cutting him again three times on their way to the car lot. He apparently didn’t know she had taken along the weapon. But as if one knife wasn’t enough, she had two hidden in her bag and Cheng didn’t know.

The knife-attack victim spoke in court Monday 19, telling a District court that he asked his attacker what was the motive behind her attack but she wouldn’t say a word.

According to the report, Kan charged at Cheng with the knife a second time and he overpowered her, snatching the sharp object away from her grip. But she quickly produced another knife and successfully stabbed him thrice on the chest.

“I was bleeding and going limp. I tried to resist but I was too weak,” Cheng said.

The man said he managed to crawl towards his car that was parked about 400 meters away while his attacker looked on from behind without offering help.

He told the court that Kan then contacted his family using his mobile phone.  Cheng’s family arrived Kin Ming Estate shortly after the incident.

In his words: “My parents came to my rescue finally.”

According to the report, Kan joined Cheng and his family to the hospital in Tseung Kwan O where she was arrested by police at about 7am on January 13.

The 29-year-old student met her “obsession” on social media and they kept contact for five months before the married man bolted out.

The court hearing continues.