Man’s Marriage Crashed A Third Time, He Finds True Love In The Strangest Place.

Some people remain forever unlucky while some others just have it all, for nothing–like Murray who found love in a sex doll named DONI after his marriages crashed a third time. He says: “A doll can do many things a real woman cannot do. There is an emotional connection that cannot be easily explained.”

Man divorced 3 times finds love with a sex doll called Noni

Image shows the perfect couple, Murray and Doni.

The three-time divorcee reportedly shares a deep emotional connection with his forever love. He lacks words to express the “ecstasy” he experiences when they have sex.

One person who should be grateful for modern technological innovations is Murray. This lucky man from Queensland in Australia is said to have purchased the 6ft doll and named her Noni some years ago. It wasn’t made public why he chose such a sweet name for the doll.

Doni, as we all know, is made of plastic but the excitement she brings to him means everything in the world. Can you think of a life for Murray with her? It would suck and stink badly.

Of course, the beautiful doll can’t talk but she knows just how to speak louder and better without voice. You wouldn’t need her to talk if you’re Murray, believe it or not.

The man confirms he never had a better relationship before her. He has a profound relationship with the doll and if in case you have doubts, the luckiest man on earth spoke with ABCNews saying: “If one had a complete choice you would rather have a real woman but that’s not always available to people.

“After my divorce I was very unhappy. I was very depressed, I was close to suicidal.

“Loneliness was encroaching quite significantly and I thought well this maybe is a way out.”

Man divorced 3 times finds love with a sex doll called Noni

Murray and Doni: Some people just have it all, for nothing.

Murray bought the doll in 2008. Eight years have passed now and the relationship is getting better with age. He says she’s his one-and-only.

He says: “Doni helps me tackle loneliness, and I’m enjoying a physical relationship with it, as well.”

“If I come home from shopping,” he said, “she’s here, in the house. Thank God the house isn’t empty.”

He added: “It doesn’t even feel silent. You talk to them. You are talking through your issues, your life, your highs, your lows, your joys, your ‘sadnesses’. Whatever. It just helps.”

Murray didn’t bother keeping his sexual relationship with Doni a secret. He said: “Depending on what wig the doll will put on, depending on what clothes she’s wearing, depending on what perfume, what mood she’s in, will depend on the type of sex we have.

“It’ll be totally different one day she’ll be into BDSM, another it’ll be: ‘Hold me close and cuddle’.”

Another good reason to have her? No menstruation, tiredness, anger, quarrels or divorce. It’s happily forever after.