Man Who Understands Bird’s Language.

21 chickens of a villager named Cui on Xuliu Town of Huaiyin District all went missing during the night. Cui said she did not even hear a thing.

Man claims he understands chicken's language, stole chickens for 20 years

After the police started investigating, more chickens were found to have been stolen in Xuliu. A man named Jiang who had been in prison for stealing chicken was considered the prime suspect.

The police department of Huaian City, eastern China’s Jiangsu province, arrested the 52-year-old thief who has been stealing chickens for 20 years. This was the ninth time he went to jail for stealing chickens.

But this time he confessed something of note. He told the police that: “chickens are all very cooperative in front of him because he understands their language.

“Every time I stole the chickens, they would not make any noise because I know their language.”