Man who punched his 2-day-old daughter to death has died in prison

Liam Deane, the young man who punched and killed his 2-day-old daughter after she wouldn’t just stop crying, has been found dead in prison.

Deane died in HMP Leeds cell, and there are suspicions that he was murdered by another inmate.

Liam Deane

Liam Deane (Image via The Sun)

During his court trial last October, the 22-year-old father told court he got frustrated after his daughter, Luna, wouldn’t let him have peace. He admitted losing his temper when she “wouldn’t stop crying.”

The court heard Deane’s wife had left their child in his care on 10 July, and gone to bed for some sleep when the horrific incident occurred.

Her psychotic husband showed impatience with their fragile 2-day-old daughter and punched her really hard on the face, squeezed her body and arms, and shook life out of the poor girl.

The girl was rushed to  Leeds General Infirmary after the vicious attack, a report from The Sun confirmed. She spent four days in intensive care and lost the battle on 14 July.

Michael Smith, the prosecuting lawyer, said at Deane’s court hearing that the toddler suffered injuries to her brain, face and body.

Doctors said Luna died of “severe head trauma” sustained from the “catastrophic head injuries.”

During interrogations from the police, Deane reportedly broke down in tears and confessed he was guilty as charged.

The prosecuting lawyer said: ‘His impatience wouldn’t let him allow the girl to calm down before he attacked her. By his uncontrolled anger and thoughtless action, he is responsible for the injuries that ended Luna’s life.’

During court proceedings, Mr Wright read out a victim statement written by Luna’s mother.

‘I still have the haunting picture of my child in life support and it will live with me forever,’ read the letter.

‘The feeling is indescribable; it’s not something I would wish for even my worst enemy.’

Prior to his death in HMP Leeds prison cell on Sunday, Liam Deane was handed a life sentence with a minimum of ten years behind bars.

However, another inmate is undergoing investigations for Deane’s death. The accused person was arraigned at Leeds Magistrates’ Court in custody of a court escort staff and two armed police officers on Tuesday due to the severity of his charges.

John Westland, 28, is the accused murderer. He was notified in court that his case would be transferred to Leeds Crown Court for appropriate handling.